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Since the introduction of the ‘Pension Freedoms Act 2015’, many of our consumers are proactively seeking advice in order to access their pensions from age 55. Other consumers are still in the accumulation stage and therefore, require expert retirement planning advice such as; how to tax efficiently maximise their pension contributions or wish to consolidate existing pension pots.

Once qualified, our pension and retirement leads are categorised as either pre- or post-retirement. This enables us to provide our clients with an accurate appraisal of a consumer’s specific advice requirements and objectives.

Many consumers do not realise that the pension they have is a defined benefit pension scheme, or that this requires specialist financial advice. Here at Inzuzo, our team of qualifications consultants are well versed in identifying all different pension types and schemes.

Consumers contact us seeking advice as they have either received an enhanced transfer value (CETV) or simply do not wish to receive their pension via the scheme due to the perceived low income and/or flexibility offered. In such circumstances our team would recommend the most appropriately qualified financial advisor.

Due to economic uncertainty and historical all-time low interest rates, many consumers are now seeking better returns on their savings and investments. We ensure that we understand the consumers’ needs and explain the role of a financial advisor.

We have found that once a consumer has a better understanding of the role of a financial advisor, they appreciate the value of receiving expert investment advice, both in the short and longer term.

There is an ever-increasing number of consumers nearing retirement age that have the burden of an interest-only mortgage, which needs to be repaid. Sadly, many of these consumers do not have the benefit of substantial savings or pensions to access, and therefore, require advice relating to Equity Release.

Additionally, there is also an increasing number of consumers that are deemed ‘asset rich but cash poor’ and are seeking Equity Release advice as route to potentially releasing the tax-free cash tied up in their property.

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